Local woman gets breath of fresh air

Staff Writer

Frannie Baumgartner Crumley, can now breathe a little easier. Well, a lot easier.
Crumley, 42, returned to Blackfoot a couple weeks ago with two new lungs.
“I had worn my lungs out,” she said.
Crumley was born with cystic fibrosis (CF). CF is a genetic disease which affects many organs, particularly lungs.
She and her husband, Ryan, left Blackfoot on Dec. 5 to travel to Duke University in North Carolina.
“We needed to live within 15 minutes of the hospital,” Crumley said.
She was put through an extensive pulmonary rehabilitation program for eight-and-one-half weeks.
“It paid off,” she said. “Six weeks of the rehab program is required. I had an additional two-and-one-half weeks waiting for lungs.