Local teacher receives classroom grant

BLACKFOOT — A new teacher in Blackfoot has been awarded a classroom start-up grant to help establish her classroom.
Ms. Debbie Steele, a first grade teacher at Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center, has been awarded a grant for $250 from Northwest Professional Educators (NWPE), the state’s only non-union professional teacher association. The grant will fund the purchase of new reading and science materials to provide students kinesthetic, audio, and visual learning strategies through hands-on experiments and real-life experiences.
"I appreciate it a lot," Steele said. "There's just so many expenses involved as a first-year teacher."
NWPE awards teacher scholarships and classroom grants up to $500 per award twice a year. Teachers who are new to the profession or their classroom are eligible for $250 New Classroom Start-Up Grants. All educators are eligible for the awards although NWPE members receive first preference. The next application deadline is March 31, 2011.
“Northwest Professional Educators is happy to provide Ms. Steele this grant to enhance student learning,” said Cindy Omlin, Executive Director of NWPE. “NWPE is proud to reward educators for their hard work and creativity in the classroom. Ms. Steele’s award is certainly well-deserved as she seeks ways to increase student achievement.”
Northwest Professional Educators is a nonprofit, non-union, professional educators’ organization focused on students as educators’ highest priority and improving the professionalism of education.