Local Southeast Idaho band plays for a purpose at Blackfoot Eclipse Festival

Alexa Molligo
Staff Writer

BLACKFOOT—Justin Wright and Riley Meng make up the alternative pop-rock duo, Second Chance, and took to the stage outside of the Blackfoot Community Center for the Eclipse Festival on Friday evening.
The duo started the evening off with a wide array of renditions of popular songs, covering Charlie Pluth, Justin Timberlake and Rachel Platten, just to name a few. The pair proved they were more than just a cover band at the conclusion of their first set, singing an original song written by them, entitled "No More."
Wright and Meng came together while they were seniors at Rigby High School, at the time they were more acquaintances, but their talents and ability to play by ear paired the two.
Wright explains that he was taking the trash cans out in back of the school and suddenly heard a tune play in his ear, he rushed back inside to play it on the piano and thought, "This would sound really good with an electric guitar, who do I know that plays electric guitar?" The answer was Meng, and the two quickly fostered into Second Chance.
When asked what their goals for the future, Wright answered, "Write music based on experience and that the people can relate to." Meng followed up saying that depression and suicide awareness are important topics close to both of their hearts, he himself lost an uncle to mental illness and suicide, "We want to create music that is more than just sex, drinking, drugs and partying."
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