Local small business still fills a niche after 41 years

Koree and Darren Thompson, owners of All-States Distributing in Riverside, take great pride in the fact that their small business has always been family-owned and operated and is still going strong after 41 years in Bingham County.
The business, originally called Quad-States Distributing, was started by Darren's father, Lyle Thompson, in 1971. He started working out of his home, manufacturing and selling propane-burning welding torches.
In 1988, Darren and Lyle moved the business to its current location at 614 W. on Highway 39, where they built a new store from scratch, changing the business name to All-States Distributing.
"We literally built this business from the ground up and I am very proud of that," Darren said. "It's been great and we have survived the big chain stores."
Darren said that shortly after the store was built, they were approached by Dixon Industries to be the first in the area to sell and promote their Zero Turn Lawnmowers. This proved to be a savvy business move as the business was named the world's largest Dixon dealer four times, and have been in the top three for sales the last 14 years. All-States Distributing has since added Husqvarna, Jet Power Tools, Shop Fox Power Tools, BCS and several brands of guns and accessories.
Darren believes that their central location in Riverside has attributed to the success of the business, drawing consumers from Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Arco to buy a product that they couldn't get anyplace else in the area.
"We are diversified and knowledgeable in what we do here," Darren said. "We sell guns; I custom build rifles and do blueing, scope mounting and bore sighting. We are one of the few businesses around that sells woodworking equipment."
"I also sharpen carbide saws, knives, scissors and custom build rifles," he added.
"And he's good at it," Koree interjected.
With a full service shop on the premises, All-State Distributing employs up to six people.
"We have trained technicians who can handle anything from a power drill to a table saw...from a dirt bike to an HUV," Darren noted. "As a small business, we 'service what we sell.' "
Lyle passed away three years ago, leaving Darren as a second generation business owner. He hopes that his children will continue to carry on the family small business for years to come.
Contact All-States Distributing at 208-684-4421.