Local results slow to come in

BLACKFOOT — A great turnout in precincts throughout Bingham County slowed down the vote count Tuesday night.
"There was an enormous turnout," said Bingham County Clerk Sara Staub. "We're pleased with it.
"We're sorry some people had to wait at the polls."
Bingham County Election Director Marlene Jensen said the count delay could be attributed to the two-page ballot, the write-in for county commissioner and the vast amount of people who came out to vote.
Bingham County Democratic Chair Rodney James said, "We're happy for candidates that stepped up to the challenge and put their name on the ballot."
Bingham County Republican Chair Amy Sorensen said, "In looking at the first three precincts reporting, our legislators will need to look hard at the propositions, decide who they are representing and address the issues again."
Voting totals of the first three precincts were:
U.S. President
Obama/Biden 886
Romney/Ryan 3,469
Representative in Congress District 2
Nicole LeFavour 1,048
Mike Simpson 3,319
State Senator District 31
R. Steven Bair 2.905
Cherie Harding Clawson 1,422
State Representative District 31 Position A
Neil andeson 3,223
Barbara Ann Clark 1,101
State Representative District 31 Position B
Jeannie James 933
Julie Van Orden 3,374
County Commissioner District 1
Mark Bair 3,513
Write-in Matt Thompson 255
County Commissoner District 3
A. Ladd Carter 3,584
County Sheriff
Craig Rowland 3,669
Prosecuting Aattorney
Cleve Colson 3,732
Magistrate Judge-Ryan Boyer
Yes 3,588
No 453
Shelley/Firth fire bond
in favor of 479
against 384
S.J.R. 102
Yes 3,165
No 1,040
H.J.R. 2aa
Yes 3,405
No 849
Proposition 1
Yes 1,937
No 2,438
Proposition 2
Yes 1,855
No 2,523
Proposition 3
Yes 1,482
No 2,886