Local business honors law enforcement officers

It's not every day that law enforcement officers are served a free lunch while the interior and exterior of their police car is washed and shined.
However, the staff from Blackfoot's On The Spot Carpet Cleaning did just that Wednesday afternoon for the city and county officers for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.
Derek Preece, owner of On The Spot, said he started the annual event nine years ago "as way of thanking the men and women who serve the community.
"These people do a lot of jobs that no one else wants to do. We owe them a big thanks," Preece said. "I don't fear getting shot with my job but it's something law enforcement faces every day."
Preece and about 12 of his employees served the officers a lunch of barbecue pork sandwiches, salads and brownies. Afterwards an assembly line of police cars was formed and the workers went to work washing and polishing the inside and outside of the vehicles - cleaning about 60 cars.
Blackfoot Police Chief Kurt Asmus expressed his appreciation to On The Spot Carpet Cleaning for the service.
On The Spot has been in business in Blackfoot for 16 years and currently employs 17 people.