Lipovac survives recall vote

BLACKFOOT – Blackfoot School District trustee Peter Lipovac retained his position as Zone 1 trustee. Electors voted to retain him by a count of 101 for the recall; 180 against it.
By precinct, vote totals are:
Blackfoot precinct 4 (Stalker Elementary)—for the recall 52 votes; against the recall 13 votes.
Blackfoot Precinct 6 (Blackfoot Performing Arts Center)—for the recall 3 votes; against the recall 3 votes.  
Fort Hall 20 (Fort Hall Elementary)—for the recall 28 votes; against the recall 135 votes.
Absentee votes—18 votes for the recall; 29 votes against it.
In percentages, 35.9 percent votes for the recall; 64 percent voted against it.
The total number of registered voters in Zone 1 was 1,283 voters. The percentage of electors who voted in Zone 1 was 21.9 percent.
“I thank everyone who helped in the campaign; who stood behind me and the Zone 1 efforts, said Lipovac. “Now we can move ahead without these needless and useless distractions.
“I appreciate all the people who got out to vote, the people who got behind me and the Shoshone-Bannock tribes, he said. “These are the people who believe in what we are trying to do.”
William Kniffin started the recall petition.
“A big thanks needs to be given to all the election officials who worked so hard to make this process run so smoothly,” said Kniffin.
“As for Mr. Lipovac, even though he survived this recall, I think this process sent a clear message not only to him but to all of the board members,” he said. “From now on, I hope school board members will stop and think if their decisions are benefitting all the students they represent and not just pushing their own agenda.”
The official canvas takes place at 3:30 p.m. Thursday in the Bingham County Commissioners’ Chamber.