KIds Business Fair new at Celebrate Blackfoot

Madeline Murdock, 13, organized the Kids Business Fair that is part of Celebrate Blackfoot at Jensen Grove. She started working on this project in February. 'I'm excited for Saturday because there will be more people here for the car show and the snow mobile races,' she said. 'The fair opens at 9 a.m. on Saturday. Twenty-four booths make up the fair.'  The business of Natalie Hill, 11, and Dylann Wanstrom, 11, is named 'Sewing Bees.' Triangle zipper pouches, coin purses, pencil and crayon rolls, bag purses and rice bags are for sale. Sisters Bruklynn Andersen, 11, McCenz Andersen, 14, and Emma Foote, 9, are selling patriotic decor at the Kids Business Fair. They sanded the boards, painted them, then sanded them again before completing the project. Boston Anthony is pressing pennies at the Kids Business Fair for Celebrate Blackfoot. Elijah Hill, 7, is selling replicas of light sabers (using newspapers to form the saber), daggers and swords at the Kids Business Fair.
Staff Writer

New this year to Celebrate Blackfoot is the Kids' Business Fair, located near the basketball court and Kids' Zone at Jensen Grove.
Twenty-four booths are set up for customers to peruse the variety of merchandise on sale.
Explaining the Kids' Fair, one mother said, "Kids sell stuff they make."
Madeline Murdock, age 13, came up with the idea and contacted the Greater Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce about incorporating the Kids' Business Fair into Celebrate Blackfoot.
"I first saw it used by the Acton Academy, a school out of Texas," she said. "I contacted the Chamber of Commerce in February."
Madeline added, "I organized the fair. We can't sell food and I made sure the kids selling similar items are not close to each other."
The cost of a booth is $15 for two days—Friday and Saturday. The money earned by the kids is theirs to save, spend or give away. Proceeds from one booth is being donated to Kenya.
To read the full story, see it in the Saturday, June 30, edition of the Morning News.