Kesler’s updating storefront

BLACKFOOT — A longtime Blackfoot business is getting a new look.
The owners of Kesler’s Market have decided to upgrade their storefront for an updated look and improved customer experience.
The new storefront, which is expected to be complete by December, will have two entrances and an enclosed patio area. There will be automatic doors on the west and south walls, with secondary doors inside to prevent cold winter air from entering the store.
“We’re pretty excited about it,” said Kelly Kesler, who co-owns the store with his brother Bob.
The store that sits at 925 W. Bridge St. was built in 1959, and in the past 50 years customers have grown accustomed to the retro-style storefront.
“It definitely has a 50’s-60’s look about it,” Kesler said.
While some customers have shown resistance to the new look, Kesler said he hopes the investment shows the community that they plan to be around for a long time.
“Let’s get a look that will take us into the next 50 years,” Kesler said.
The Keslers had planned to just upgrade the front doors to the grocery store, but after consulting with a contractor they decided to update the entire storefront.
“The time is right,” Kesler said.
The new storefront will be modernized with stone pillars and stucco siding. During construction Kesler’s will remain open, but customers may have to temporarily enter through the Garden Center in the rear of the store.
Kesler’s first opened in 1934 in downtown Blackfoot before moving to the present location in 1959. The present store was expanded in 1963, and the garden shop opened in 1970. The Garden Center was completely rebuilt in 2006.