Jimmy John's delays

Catie Clark

The arrival of Jimmy John's Sandwiches in Blackfoot has encountered delays but franchise owner Jake Lindsay hopes to get construction back on track soon.
According to Lindsay, a fast-food business also on Parkway Drive north of Bergenter Blvd. claimed there was a legal impediment to a second shop serving sandwiches in the same cluster of strip malls.
"We had to put out plans on hold and consult with lawyers," Lindsay. "And you know how it is with lawyers: it all takes more time. When all was said and done, it was not a problem. There were no non-competition agreements in force or any other impediments for the location we're moving to in Blackfoot."
Lindsay added: "It's unfortunate since we have to cancel the contractors doing the work to install our store—and that's a problem since it will take time to get those workers rescheduled in the middle of the summer. I'm still hoping we can get our contractors back on track to open up sometime in August, but that all depends on scheduling."