Jensen Grove: It was once a dump

This picture of a cleanup at the future Jensen Grove PArk is from the former Blackfoot News. It dates from before 1966. At the time, various civic groups in Blackfoot spent a lot of time cleaning up the old dump area along the river in order to convert it into a park. The area was rich in river-bottom foliage and cottonwood trees.A photo of the original model for Jensen Grove Park as conceived by Professor R. P. Fasolino of Idaho State University in 1965. This model was built by Fasolino and his students at ISU and was part of the formal presentation of the park design to the Blackfoot City Council in February, 1966. In the original design, the then wooded southern end of the park was intended to remain a rustic woodland with picnic niches and rambling pathways. Today this area is the disc golf course.
Catie Clark

he name for the park comes from the Jensen family and their farm. Some of that farm is now part of the park. The rest of the park is built on land reclaimed from an abandoned channel of the Snake River, just like the airport and the golf course.
"You can still see the old Jensen house today," said Arlin Wareing, a former Blackfoot city employee. "Arnold Jensen lived there in that brick house that's still on N. Meridian. It's now across from 21st Century Auto, the last house on the west side of the street."
"Jensen once owned the whole area there," Wareing explained. "That bend there in the river was used as a dump. It wasn't an official dump but people would dump their junk right where the beach is today. "
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