Intuitive healer comes to Blackfoot

BLACKFOOT — A painful divorce and a bout with serious depression twelve years ago, ultimately catapulted Leanne Facer into a life of joy and passion as a life coach and healer in East Idaho. She shares her knowledge and her life's passion in Blackfoot once a week offering Aqua Chi foot bath detox treatments, foot reflexology and intuitive medical readings.
Facer, 45, who was living in Wyoming at the time, said she became so stressed and depressed as a single mother, struggling through a divorce, that she did things to try and hurt herself...things that, she said, caused severe damage to her liver.
"I really wanted to take myself out," Facer recalled. "I thought my friends and family would be better off without me."
It was her friends, who picked her up and took her to see a European holistic healer in Lovell, WY, an experience that changed her life forever. The holistic healer treated Facer with Aqua Chi foot bath detox treatments with an elctro-magnetic machine three times a week for three months, (along with nutritional supplements and positive affirmations), which she says completely healed her liver and offered a her a whole new outlook on life.
"I was sold," Facer declared. "I said 'teach me how to do this and I will go out into the world and heal people,' "
That is exactly what Facer did. She now runs "Feel Good Feet," out of her home in Lava Hot Springs and travels to surrounding cities every week working to help people "heal and stay well."
Facer is trained in doing the Aqua Chi foot detox treatments, using an electro-magnetic machine and saline water, which increases oxygen levels in the body, energizing the red blood cells so they can move freely throughout the body, excreting toxins from the soles of the feet.
"The body's largest pores are in our feet," Facer explained. "This process melts toxins and other things in the body that aren't supposed to be there." Facer said it's common in most people to excrete low amount of sugar, yeast, and uric acid through their feet; however, the detox foot baths can reveal signs of serious medical problems such as liver disease, kidney disease, cancer, immune problems, and drug/alcohol abuse.
Facer said that the detox baths are also helpful for emotional problems as well. "Often your emotions will show up first, followed by signs of medical issues," she said. "I have been able to point people in the direction they need to get help for cancer, psoriasis, substance abuse...all kinds of things."
Facer follows up the foot baths with a reflexology treatment on each foot by massaging and applying pressure to different areas of the feet, using essential oils.
"Our feet are the map to our entire body," she explained. "A person's feet should never hurt. If they do, that's a sign that something else is wrong inside the body."
Facers job is complimented nicely with her ability to read personal auras and chakras, a gift, she says, she's had her whole life.
"When I was little I couldn't look at people straight on," she said. "I'd see too much."
Facer said her clientele is about equally adult men and women, but she can work with children too. She accepts appointments in Blackfoot on Tuesdays where she works inside The Flower Shop at 93 W. Bridge.
Mary Nemkerekyan-Svensson, owner of the Flower Shop, said she is happy having Facer meet with clients in her shop and that it enhances the "health and wellness" part of her business that she is working to expand upon.
Appointments can also be made at Facer's business in Lava Hot Springs. She will make house calls and do "foot parties" for groups too. Facer said she hopes to eventually build a healing center in Lava Hot Springs someday.
"I have a passion for this business...I just want to heal everyone," she grinned. "I really do!"
For more information call: 307-254-1475 or 208-785-6455 or go to