INL specialist addresses cybersecurity

POCATELLO — "Cybersecurity Researchers" is the fancy new term for "hackers." But, whatever you call them, they are out there putting businesses, small and large, at risk of losing services, data and vital information while undermining top positions and a company's reputation.
Rita Wells, a cybersecurity specialist for the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) addressed the issue at a seminar sponsored by the Pocatello Department of Labor on Thursday.
"Cybersecurity - protecting computer and high technology networks - is a critical issue for many businesses," she said. "The dangers and complications of controlling corporate network access and informational flow has been a persistent problem since the Internet's inception and the threat is advancing faster than we can keep up with it."
Wells said that the federal government is currently spending an average of $13 billion annually on cybersecurity while American businesses spend billions of dollars each year to deal with the threats to their computer systems.
"The threat changes faster than our idea of the risk, but the good news is a lot of work is being done and there's constant changes in IT security," she noted.
Wells said that if a business suspects that their security has been breached that they should notify the FBI immediately. In Idaho, it is a state law that the attorney general be notified as well if their has been a cybersecurity breach in a business.
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