INL firefighters teach fire safety at Moreland

INL firefighter Nichelle Scoggin-Labrum speaks with Moreland Elementary kindergartners about fire safety on Wednesday. It took INL firefighter Nichelle Scoggin-Labrum 32 seconds to be dressed in her fire gear and on the  fire truck. INL firefighter Nichelle Scoggin-Labrum put on her respirator to show Moreland kindergartners what she looks like in full fire gear. INL firefighters James Jensen and Nichelle Scoggin-Labrum taught Moreland kindergartners about fire safety. Kindergartners tried on Scoggin-Labrum's fire equipment. Wearing her fire equipment, from the left are Catcher Lee, wearing an air tank; Bently Lake, helmet; Reagan Loveland, pants; and Hank Thompson, coat. INL firefighter Mitch Christensen helps Moreland kindergartner Serenity Clark down the ladder attached to the INL fire safety trailer on Wednesday at the school.
Staff Writer

Fire safety was the topic of the day for kindergartners and first graders at Moreland Elementary on Wednesday. Idaho National Laboratory (INL) firefighters visited the school to discuss fire safety.
Firefighters Nichelle Scoggin-Labrum and James Jensen were teaching kindergartners basic fire safety.
"If there is a fire at your home, make sure you and your family have a safe meeting place where you can all meet," Scoggin-Labrum said. "Remember to stay in one location so you can be found."
She asked, "In case of an emergency, what number do you call?"
"911" was the reply.
"You also need to know your address in case you are the only one at home when you need to call 911, "Learn your address."
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