IFPD arrest 11 for distribution of Spice

Two Shelley men were among 11 arrested Saturday night in Idaho Falls for the illegal distribution of Spice.
Kelly Mark Nelson, 24, and Henry Villegas, 21, of Shelley, and David Bartlett, 24, Lorraine Kay Torres, 44, William C. Brick, 24, Marc Augustus Adonga-Leonard, 21, Bryce Scott Mendel, 26, Brent Richard Powell, 22, Brian Keith Carson, Jr., 24, Becky Larue Jayne, 29, and Alan S. Hales, 18, all of Idaho Falls, were all arrested for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, a felony.
Officers also seized hundreds of containers of Spice, cash, computer files and company cars.
Saturday’s arrest occurred in the 1400 block of Cambridge Dr. in Idaho Falls around 10 p.m. The arrests stem from an investigation started in December.