Idaho Refunds

Catie Clark

The average tax refund from the IRS last year was $2,895; however, most Idahoans did not receive refunds that large.
Only in Blaine County did the average refund of $4,935 exceed that national average, according to SmartAsset, a financial data analysis firm.
The county with the second highest average refund was Bonneville at $2,814. Bingham County came in fifth, with a refund averaging $2,683.
Bannock County came in at a surprising 26th, with $2,476. None were as bad as Camas County, which was the worst in the state with an average refund of $2,044.
Comparing Idaho refunds with the national average can be misleading. While refunds of federal taxes may appear low, Idaho wages and cost of living are also lower than the national averages.
If individual refunds are consistently $1,000 or more over a period of several years, then it may be advisable to adjust withholding.
For example, a refund of $2,400 represents an overpayment of $200 every month to the IRS. The federal government just sits on that money. If it had been placed into a savings or money market account, it could have earned some interest while it sat around. It could also have been sheltered by placing it in an IRA or used to reduce credit card debt.
Idaho did not fare well compared to tax returns around the country. The three best state were Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, with refunds of $3,133, $3,088 and $3,073.
In comparison, Idaho was ranked 45th overall, with an average refund of $2,433. That's still not as bad as the worst in the country. That dubious honor belongs to Maine, with an average refund of $2,302.