Idaho PTA opposes Senate Bill 1184

By Laurie Boeckel
Senate Bill 1184 erodes meaningful parental Involvement and local control.
PTA is the largest child advocacy group in the nation and represents thousands of members which include parents, grandparents, teachers, school board members, community advocates and Idaho students.
The future success of Idaho students depends on their receiving a “thorough education” that prepares them to contribute as adult citizens of Idaho and the United States.
The classes, which include classroom size and courses required of students in public schools, determine in large measure the preparations for the future as the “intelligent people” mandated in the State Constitution.
Idaho PTA believes parents are to have a voice in determining requirements.
Idaho PTA opposes unfunded state mandates. Idaho PTA further objects to these mandates being determined by the State Board of Education which consists of political appointees with the exception of the Superintendent of Public Instruction who are not able to be held accountable by the public.
Idaho PTA seeks to have parents participating in the decision-making process establishing school policy.
This legislation erodes meaningful parental involvement.
Idaho PTA opposes increasing classroom size. This legislation and limited education funding dictates that this will be guaranteed as one of only very limited options local school districts are forced to choose. After historic cuts to public education, Idaho PTA objects to additional mandates to local districts as outlined in this bill.
Idaho PTA’s belief is that meaningful parental involvement makes a difference and urges elected officials to protect the rights of parents in site-based decision-making involving their children.
Laurie Boeckel is the Idaho PTA legislative vice president, writing on behalf of the Idaho PTA Executive Board.