High flying BMXer

Staff Writer

When Colton Satterfield was young, he was like most typical boys, riding his skateboard and doing tricks on his BMX bicycle. Using makeshift ramps and other homemade devices, he would practice and play for hours as each young man tried their best to outdo one another.
He remembers slipping, falling and failing many times during that period, but he always got back on and completed his task.
"My mom probably wished that I didn't, though,"he laughed during an interview before the annual Ramp Riot BMX/Motorcycle extravaganza on Friday and Saturday at Holt Arena on the campus of Idaho State University. "She supported me, but I'm sure she wasn't crazy about all those trips I had to take with my little brother to the ER."
Years later, after joining the BMX pro tour at 17, he still falls (one of his face plants has made Youtube history), but his attitude is that's it's all part of the business and when he stares down a three or nine-story ramp at one of his many competitions on the circuit, it's just another day at the office.
Well, maybe not EXACTLY another day…
"Sure, you always think that something could go wrong (he once fractured his skull, but competed a few days later with his head bandaged)," he said.
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