Hardwicke pleads guilty to two counts of possession

Paul Richard Hardwicke
Staff Writer

Paul Richard Hardwicke, 47, pleaded guilty on Thursday to two counts of possession of controlled substances—cocaine and fentanyl.
"What makes you guilty of these charges?" Seventh Judicial District Judge Bruce Pickett asked.
"I had cocaine and fentanyl at my residence on or around March 14," Hardwicke replied.
In the plea agreement, if Hardwicke pleaded guilty to these two charges, he would then need to apply of a specialty court program. If he is not accepted in this program, the state agreed to recommend retained jurisdiction.
Hardwicke also would need to reimburse the county $600.
This is a non-binding plea agreement so the judge would not be required to agree to the plea agreement.
The complete story is in the Friday, Aug. 11, edition of the Morning News.