Halloween the perfect time to sign up for AlertID

AlertID is described as a "virtual neighborhood watch" and with Halloween safety on the minds of many parents, now is the perfect time to sign up for this free countywide service. By registering at www.AlertID.com, anyone can instantly see an "easy to read" map showing where sex offenders are working or living in the area and receive important neighborhood crime and emergency information.
Paul Hardwicke, Community Programs Coordinator for the Blackfoot Police Department, said that even though Halloween is on a weeknight this year, the department is anticipating a busy night of 'trick-or-treaters' because of the mild weather.
He suggested, "Take a look at your Halloween route and sign up for AlertID; it can provide you with important information."
Parents can also snap a photo of their child prior to heading out on Halloween night and upload it, along with an accurate, up-to-date description, to AlertID's My Family Wallet (found on AlertID's free mobile app). If the child goes missing, members may access the information on their smartphones and send it instantly to law enforcement at a time when every moment counts.
AlertID was founded by Keli Wilson, a mother of three from Nevada, who was inspired to start the program after becoming separated from her kids at a large amusement park. It has now evolved into one of the country's fastest growing safety alert networks of its kind.
Hardwicke said Bingham County was the first in the state to take on AlertID nine months ago, and he wants to continue to get the word out about this 'first of its kind' public safety information program.
Hardwicke said that while registering for AlertID does require putting in some basic personal information, no one has access to the information and it will never be sold to an outside source. All alerts are provided by trusted sources including public safety agencies, local law enforcement, schools and neighborhood groups.
"This is a great tool for getting the word out on a lost pet or more serious matters such as a missing person, severe weather warnings, school lockdowns or a gunman on the loose," he added.
Hardwicke said that, overall Halloween in Blackfoot is usually pretty quiet. However, there will be extra officers and 'citizens on patrol' out throughout the evening.
"My biggest fear on Halloween night, is kids getting hit by cars," he said. "If possible, 'trick-or-treat' before dark. The dark, spooky clothing is hard to see at night. Wear reflectors or bright clothing."
He added, "If you see anything suspicious, don't hesitate to call us. Even if it turns out to be nothing...it's better to be safe than sorry. We want everyone to have a great time on Halloween."
The non-emergency number for the Blackfoot Police Department is 785-1234. For emergencies call 9-1-1.