Gun club aims at open house

A shotgun sportsman on Cedar Hills' brand new sporting clays range. The range offers 13 stations of programmable remote-controlled trap shooting.
Catie Clark

The Cedar Hills Gun Club is hosting an open house on Saturday at their range facility north of Rose. The range will be open to all comers and the non-member fee will not be charged. The club will be serving free hot dogs and hamburgers during the event. The open house starts at 9 a.m. and will end around 2 p.m.
"A lot of folks in the area don't realize how much we have to offer here," Jed Taylor said. "That's why we're having an open house."
Taylor is the current president of the club. "We just finished building our sporting clays range in May," he explained. "We want people to experience how much fun it is."
A sporting clays range is like a field archery range or golf for shotguns. Courses are laid out in natural surroundings where shooters move from one station to the next, shooting at each to complete the course.
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