Get a Whiff of these guys...

BLACKFOOT—Every year as part of an age old tradition 14 strapping young men, seniors at Yale, gather together to enthusiastically sing songs across the world. This year the Whiffenpoofs, comically named in part of a joke that featured a mythical dragonfish over 100 years ago, will venture into Southeastern Idaho to display their vocal talents.
The group comes from varying corners of the world and each go through a grueling audition to get into the Whiffenpoof group. McKay Nield, a whiff from Kimberly, ID said, "The whiffs have gone to Sun Valley to perform for the last few years. This is the first time they have ever come to Southeastern Idaho." Nield's love for Idaho was the big push behind getting the group to come to the area.
"From what I hear, Idaho is gorgeous; according to McKay, the scenery on the drive through Idaho is one of the most beautiful things he's ever experienced," said Whiff Brandon Hayes from Waterford, CT "I am really looking forward to sharing that experience with him and with the rest of the Whiffenpoofs."
The Whiffenpoofs are known throughout the world and historically visit 6 of the 7 continents during their tour. The 2012 Whiffs visited all 7 continents last year with a trip to Antarctica. Most of the whiffs take a year off of school to perform with the group. This year two of the group members are continuing their studies while participating in the group.
Last Friday the group received a last minute call from Comedy Central to preform for a fundraiser known as "Night of Too Many Stars." The fundraiser goes to Autism Education. The vocalists practiced the song in the car on the way to New York City and performed back to back with Katy Perry.
The Whiffenpoofs will begin their tour of Idaho October 22 with a performance in Twin Falls. Then hit the road to travel to Rexburg. The adventuring group is planning on going shooting, "Most of the guys have never touched a gun." explained Nield. Nield also plans on having the group hit the dunes in St. Anthony and visiting the famous giant baked potato in Blackfoot. "I LOVE potatoes." Said Hayes  "I am so looking forward to getting some nice, good, tasty, quality, home-grown, Idaho potatoes."
The Whiffenpoofs will close their tour with an a cappella performance Tuesday night October 23 at 7 p.m. at the Rexburg Tabernacle Civic Center.Tickets can be reserved in Twin Falls by calling (208) 732-6288 and in Rexburg at