A fun day at the ballpark

BLACKFOOT – Heading into the bottom of the ninth inning trailing by 14 runs the Blackfoot American Legion team needed to get something going.
Their opponent on Saturday, a team made up of Blackfoot American Legion Alumni which made the deficit even more embarrassing.

It took eight innings and three pitchers before the Blackfoot offense came to life.
When the Broncos came into the dugout they looked out on the mound they saw alumni pitcher Cody Knoll was going to try and close out the game.
The final three outs proved to more of a challenge to get than Knoll thought.
He walked seven Broncos batters and gave up three hits, including a two-RBI single to Cody Evans. Knoll was pulled after eight runs came across and went to first base.
As he walked off the mound towards first base Knoll said “my arm hurts I’m done.” The Broncos Dallin Fairchild fired across a comment of his own.
“My arm would hurt to after a performance like that,” Fairchild bellowed from the third base dugout.
Broncos’ outfielder Shad Lewis had his own gift for Knoll. Lewis grabbed a tissue from someone in the bleachers and ran over to Knoll so he could wipe his eyes. Jokingly Knoll turned Lewis to look at the scoreboard that showed the Alumni up seven runs.
Exchanges like these filled the afternoon as the Alumni took down the Broncos 17-10 at Blackfoot High School in the annual American Legion Alumni game.
The game pitted the current Broncos team against the alumni in a nine inning battle.
It also featured four generations of the Pearson family.
Current Bronco and soon to be sophomore Taylor Pearson took on his older brother Colby and Bowin and father Tad.
Late in the game Taylor and Colby squared off. Taylor was beaten by an infield single off the bat of Colby, as he rounded first base a loud “dang it” came from Taylor.
The older Pearson’s were better on this day as Colby had a three-run home run and three other hits on the day. He also was the alumni starter in which he allowed just one run.
While the day was about fun and playing a little baseball all while raising a little bit of money to support the American Legion, for the current Broncos Saturday’s game is one they need to put behind the very quickly.
The performance Saturday was by far the worst performance of the summer for the Broncos and with eight games still on the schedule this week and the top seed in their half of the district standings still up for grabs, the Broncos need to focus on the future.
Broncos head coach Jeff Katseanes told his team after the game that their performance during the afternoon was not good and they need to focus on the week ahead. Over the next few days the team will rest and recuperate.
Blackfoot has their final two home games of the season on Wednesday when they take on Burley beginning at 4 p.m.