Fowers receives IHS Peace Award

Waulker Fowers, a graduate of Independence High School, received the 2018-19 Peace Award on Friday.
Staff Writer

Waulker Fowers graduated from Independence High School last Friday, Nov. 30, and returned to school a week later to receive Independence High School (IHS) Peace Award in Blackfoot.
This is the fourth year this recognition has been awarded.
"This award means a lot to me," Fowers said. "I respect people; I will always be there for them. They respect me; that's what I'm going for."
He added, "My favorite class was government or history. I love to learn how things like this work. Instruction is hands-on or face-to-face. The teachers give you time to learn. IHS is my favorite school; everyone is very friendly. Everyone talks to everyone. All kinds of people you can meet here."
IHS Principal Mark Kartchner said, "We have the Peace Prize event at this time of the year to tie into the Nobel Committee's Presentation of the annual Nobel Peace Prize. The school's Peace Prize was given to the right person; Waulkler will do anything for you."
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