Firth girls basketball team raises 2A title banner

FIRTH — Firth High School students and staff celebrated the victory of the girls' basketball team on Wednesday morning as the banner for the Girls' 2A Real Dairy Shootout State Basketball Championship banner was raised.
This is the second girls' basketball championship in the school's history. The first was won in 1987.

"It's been a great season," said coach Sharla Cook. "This is a great group of kids; they've worked really hard this year.
"To win districts was wonderful," she said. "Ririe was an incredible team.
"We survived a tough team at the start of the tournament," said Cook. [Firth beat New Plymouth 44-43 in game one of the state tournament.]
"The kids worked hard this year," said Cook. "They bought into the idea of 'team.'
"I appreciate everyone's help and support," she said.
Asked for appropriate remembrances of this season, one player said, "We were walking into Golden Corral in Boise as the Ririe team was walking out. The coach said, 'The one thing we can beat you at is eating.'"
"It's an amazing thing to take a state title," said another player.
This is the second state banner raised at Firth High School this school year. The Cougars won the state volleyball championship in the fall.
Junior Bailey Nelson was on this year's winning volleyball and basketball teams.
"Two titles is great," Bailey said. "It's a real touching opportunity.
"We were very determined," she said.
"This is my advice," said Bailey. "Sometimes it's not enough to want it; you have to work for what you want.
"We worked really hard," she said. "The close game benefitted us a lot."
"It was awesome; a dream," said senior Ashley Carpenter. "We've been working for it [the state championship] since we've picked up a basketball."
Firth principal/athletic director Jeff Gee said, "I'm proud of these girls and how hard they have worked. I think they have represented Firth really well."