Firth Elementary celebrates 100 days smarter on Thursday

'The Invincible's' was the theme of 100 day celebration at A.W. Johnson Elementary in Firth. The lunch ladies from the left are Heather Wiseman, Maite Uribe, Rea Rainsdon and Amy Dye. Kids attending A.W. Johnson Elementary in Firth celebrated 100 day celebration on Thursday at the school. They were able to wear pajamas and bring their pillows and blankets. A.W. Johnson Elementary Librarian Kay Jolley and Firth School District Superintendent Sid Tubbs stand on each side of the entrance of the igloo in the library. Students can crawl inside the igloo and use it for reading time.
Staff Writer

Students and staff at A.W. Johnson Elementary in Firth celebrated the 100th day of school on Thursday. The students are '100 days smarter.'
This is the 20th year the elementary school has celebrated the 100th day of school.
Fawn Goodson headed up the committee. The theme, "The Invincible's" was chosen as this year's theme. Starting before Christmas, Goodson and her crew copied and painted the figures from the Walt Disney movie, "The Invincible's."
The oversized figures graced the halls in the the lower hall (younger grades) and upper hall (older graders).
Students wore pajamas to school. They also brought their pillows, blankets or sleeping bags to spread out on the gym floor so they could be comfortable as they watched the movie, "The Invincible's."
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