Exorcist called after boy 'walked up the wall backwards'

The story of an exorcism and strange incidents at a house in Gary, Ind. is getting attention from around the world. Some are even calling the home the "portal to hell."

FOX's Bill O'Reilly interviewed the Rev. Michael Maginot, who talked about performing exorcisms on Latoya Ammons. The woman claimed she and her three children were possessed by demons in their home.

After the family fled the house, a police officer took a photo of it from the outside. It was empty, but the photo appeared to show someone standing in the window.

The city's police chief told the Indianapolis Star and other news agencies the case was credible.

"Everyone of us who was there that day in the basement and who saw what we saw, went through what we went through after… we all think the same, we all call it the same. That bit of dirt is a portal to hell," Capt. Charles Austin with the Gary Police Department told The Daily Mail.

There are nearly 800 pages of official records detailing strange events such as shadowy figures, black flies swarm and children levitating.

Child services investigators said they suspected Ammons had mental health problems and was hurting her children until they saw her 9-year-old son thrown against the wall with no one touching him.

Maginot said a hospital chaplain called him for help because witnesses saw the boy walk up a wall backwards.

The Catholic priest said he interviewed Ammons extensively and noticed the lights flickering every time he approached her. He ended up performing exorcisms on her in English and Latin.

O'Reilly questioned the credibility of the story, but Maginot said he believed there was something unworldly involved with the family.

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