Drink the water!

The table shows the water quality testing results for seven of Bingham County's nine public water districts. If a water system tests for a constituent that is not detected, it is not required to report it. The numbers in the table report only detected quantities. The legal maximum is either the EPA "maximum contaminant level," which no public water system can exceed by law or a legal "action level" above which the public water system must treat the water to keep it safe. Abbreviations: ppb = parts per billion; ppm = parts per million; pCi/L = pico-Curies per liter. Alpha emitters are detection of alpha particles, which are used to indicate the presence of radon gas dissolved in the water. Coliform is for detections of total coliform bacteria, whose presence is an indicator of the presence of biological pathogens, usually from septic systems, leaking sewer systems or livestock operations.
Catie Clark

A review of the county's available water quality reports reveals that Bingham has good drinking water. This is based on the results from seven of the nine public water systems in the county. Two water systems did not share their data.
We obtained the 2017 water quality reports which public water systems must to report to the State of Idaho and to its customers by July 1 of every year. These are called Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) and are required by federal law.
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