The Drink Factory opens in February

The Drink Factory, 550 E. Walker St. in Blackfoot, hopes to open in February. 'We are waiting for true plumbing to go in,' owner Anja Trautner said.
Staff Writer

"The Drink Factory," 550 E. Walker St. in Blackfoot, will open in February, hopefully.
"We are waiting for the plumbing to go in," owner Anja Trautner said.
Soda mocktails, snacks and Joes (as in "Have a cup of Joe") are on the menu. Soda mocktails are flavored sodas. Joe is drip coffee; a variety of flavorings can be added. Homemade cookies, snacks and easy lunches will be available.
"We are calling the easy lunches, Broke Student (BS) Meals," Trautner said. "One of the BS Meals is a cup of Ramon noodles with a soda for $2.99. Other items will be added; we are still deciding on the menu. Kids will be able to walk across the street from the high school to get their orders."
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