District 55 board chairman resigns

Blackfoot School Board Chairman Scott Reese issued a statement announcing his resignation from the school board just days after startup petitions for his recall were turned into the Bingham County Clerk's office.
Reese, who represents Zone 3 in the Blackfoot School District, has been embroiled in controversy since it was revealed to the public in November that a $220,000 separation agreement was drawn up for former superintendent Scott Crane and that Idaho Open Meeting Laws were broken in the board's decision-making process.
Reese has served on the district's board since January 2011 when he was appointed to replace trustee Pat Coleman. In May 2011 he was elected to a four year term beating out Marilyn Cottam. In July of 2011 the board elected him as chairman.
Reese's statement reads: "During my service at Blackfoot School District #55, I have always tried to make decisions that I felt were in the best interest of the students, teachers and administration of the District. While I understand there is room for disagreement, I stand behind my decision regarding the separation agreement with Scott Crane. Unfortunately, this issue has become extremely personal and distasteful.
"I am concerned the feelings caused by the past events may negatively affect the passage of the upcoming supplemental levy. I do not wish the past to overshadow the school's most important obligation - the education and wellbeing of our children."
He goes on: "It is to that end and with great sadness, I resign my position as a school member of the Blackfoot School District #55, effective immediately. It's my hope that the supplemental levy will pass and that I might spare the District any additional expense of a recall election.
"It has been an honor to serve the patrons of Blackfoot School District 55. I have enjoyed my time working with the other board members. It is through the willingness of good individuals like them that we are able to continue to improve the education of our children."
Reese stated that he will make no further public comments concerning this matter.
Reese also recently resigned from his position at Bingham Memorial Hospital as Community Health Resource Analyst and has accepted a new position with Bingham County as Emergency Management Director.

Check out the print edition of Morning News for more on the story. Read Reece's press release here.