Diesel Brothers film in Blackfoot

Diesel Brothers were preparing to race on snow machines around the lake in Jensen Grove on Monday. On snow machines, Diesel Brothers raced around the lake in Jensen Grove on Monday.
Staff Writer

An episode of the Diesel Brothers on the Discovery Channel was filmed at Jensen Grove in Blackfoot on Monday. They will be running snow machines across the lake as part of an upcoming episode. 
The Muscle (Keaton Haskins), Diesel Dave (Dave Kiley), Heavy D (Dave Sparks) and Red Beard (Josh Stuart) were on snow machines to race across Jensen Grove.
The episode can be viewed on the Discovery Channel in three weeks.
Hans Peterson, a Snake River High School graduate, runs the shop for the Diesel Brothers. When it was decided a snow machine segment would be filmed, Peterson suggested filming in Blackfoot.
On Monday, set up for this episode started about 10 a.m.
Filming for the start of the race took about one hour as the snow machines and the Diesel Brothers were filmed sitting on the machines and mounting them to start the race. The four men on the machines were filmed from a variety of angles. The race started at 2:30 p.m.
The full story is in the Tuesday, Oct. 10, edition of the Morning News.