Demolition derby brings EISF to an end

BLACKFOOT—The sound and smell of revving engines filled the air Saturday night at the Eastern Idaho State Fair [EISF] Grandstand Arena during the infamous Demolition Derby.
"I've been coming to the derby since I was three years old; it's in my blood," said Dakota Chavez of American Falls.
This year officials added two events to the traditional lists of divisions, including the truck and the figure eight division. Because a truck division was added, there were also k-rails set up a few feet from the grandstand walls as a safety precaution.
The name of the game for the truck division is the same as both the stock and modified division; the last one standing wins. As for the figure eight division, the person who goes around the figure eight setup the most, wins.
"I really liked the good hits in the truck division. It was awesome," said Hunter Teel of Blackfoot.
There was an apparent seating issue for those who had purchased pit passes because of a large metal awning that still remained after the Trace Adkins concert.
"Usually the awning is taken down during the races, and gone before the derby even starts. My husband I have yet to find a place to sit," said one of the spectators who chose not to give her name.
At one point EISF personnel received orders to lower one of the Jumbotrons that was also still hung up from the night before.
"My wife and I were the 14th and 15th people through the gates to get to a good spot in the pit. So when they lowered the Jumbotron right in front of us, we couldn't find another spot to see the derby,"Jordan Ryan said, "So I Facebook-messaged the EISF asking for a refund, and they said that they were unable to."
As the night wore on, a few of the policemen who were patrolling the pit were also given orders to warn the VIP members that they may have to evacuated because the wind was threatening to blow over the awning.
The money raised at the derby goes towards various youth programs that the Blackfoot Elks Club sponsors each year.
The winners from each of the divisions in the derby were:
The Herbie Derbie - Renny Hill
Figure Eight - Lance Byington
Powder Puff - Mary Scott
Trucks - Brent Mecham
Main Event - Marty Chenney
This year marked Scott's fourth time winning first place in the powder puff division.
"This is my sixth time I've won out of the 10 years I've been competing. I love it. It's especially cool when you get two trophies," said Scott.
Two extra trophies for "hardest hit" and "most aggressive" were added to the list of awards that the competitors received in addition to placement trophies.
"My favorite part of the derby is watching my brother-in-law wreck his car," Carlton Moore said," but my favorite part of the Fair overall is being able to see friends and family and just enjoying the atmosphere."
The Demolition Derby was the final grandstand event of the Fair, which completed its eight-day run on Saturday.