Day three of Melonie Smith's murder trial

Melonie Smith listens to testimony presented at her murder trial on Wednesday in the Bingham County Courthouse.
Staff Writer

Wednesday was day three in the Melonie Smith murder trial. Prosecutor Cleve Colson continues to present the state's case.
Colson anticipates the prosecution will complete its case about noon on Friday. The defense will open its case Friday afternoon.
Smith is charged with first degree in the death of David Lee Davis, 30. She is also charged with destruction of evidence. Both are felonies.
The jury trial is being presented before Seventh Judicial District Judge Darren Simpson.
The day started with a video testimony with Susan Crookham, a certified scientist with the National Medical Services.
"I review all the reports that go out the door," she said.
A sample of Davis' blood was sent to the laboratory to determine his blood toxicology. The blood sample was put through three screening tests—Alyssa, L.C. Taft and alcohol.
It was determined in Davis' blood were hydrocodone, meth, marijuana, a Tylenol type medicine, caffeine and nicotine.
"The hydrocodone and the meth are on the high side," Crookham said. "These drugs have the potential for impairment."
The physical evidence that was discovered at the scene was presented by the prosecutor.
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