Dancing trophy ransomed

Officers of the Blackfoot High School and Snake River High School student councils gave a $322 donation to the Bingham Crisis Center on Friday. Joe Abercrombie holds the mirrorball trophy that was used as ransom to raise money for the Bingham Crisis Center. Students at Blackfoot and Snake River High Schools contributed $322 to the crisis center. Snake River High School drama teacher Jana McBride and Blackfoot High School Vice Principal Joe Abercrombie danced the 'Lindy Hop' to the music, 'Sing, Sing, Sing,' last Tuesday during the Snake River-Sugar Salem Girls' Basketball game to raise money for the Bingham Crisis Center.
Staff Writer

The winner of the Holiday Dancing Spectacular edition of "Dancing with Our Stars" in Blackfoot was Blackfoot High School Assistant Principal Joe Abercrombie. He won bragging rights and the coveted mirrorball trophy.
When it was announced that Abercrombie had won the trophy, McBride, who placed second, stated she would "steal" the trophy and place it in the center of the Snake River High School stage.
When the trophy was not on his mantelpiece, Abercrombie explained, "When I got home from the wrestling tournament, my trophy was gone. It's been gone about two weeks. It was sad to see it being paraded around town as a … trophy, but at the end of the day, I'm still the champion."
In the interim, a Facebook page was created so people could follow the trials and tribulations of this trophy that was named, Mike Mirrorball. (Visit Mike Mirrorball on Facebook.)
A Facebook post on Dec. 19 reads: "Charges are still pending for Mr. Mirrorball even though Mike has pled 'not guilty' to all the allegations. Authorities are continuing to investigate the issues. Bail has been set at $300 by Judge Knowsitall Anyhoodles."
On Dec. 20, Mirrorball supposedly wrote: "It's me—Mike Mirrorball! I am only allowed one phone call from jail … This one goes out to Blackfoot High School. Please—get me out of here! … Free Mike and get me home for Christmas. … Bronco Pride! Go Broncos!"
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