County Election Director retires

Bingham County Election Director Marlene Jensen retired after 16 years 52 days on the job. She is pictured with her husband, Cleve. Jensen has worked elections for 40 years. Bingham County Clerk Pam Eckhardt said, "What I've learned from Marlene that elections are so much more than paperwork. Elections are about people; election clerks work voters and people in the cities, county and state."
Staff Writer

A retirement open house to honor County Elections Director Marlene Jensen took place on Friday, March 17, in the elections office in the Bingham County Courthouse.
Jensen said, “Forty years ago, I started working in elections. I started as a demonstrator and traveled from polling place to polling place to show people how to vote using a punch card.”
Idaho used a punch card system at that time.
In 2000, Jensen was hired for three months to work as a deputy clerk in the County Clerk’s office to help with elections. Seventeen year later, she is now retiring.  
“I love my job because it’s different every day,” she said. “The taxing districts change; there are changes to state issues and new legislation. The state rewrites its manuals; therefore, we rewrite our manuals. Every day is different; it’s never boring.”
Jensen commented, “I’ve been able to work with election workers and deal with voters; those who come into our office to register and those who are excited and voting for the first time.