County commissioners reject subdivision bid

BLACKFOOT — Bingham County commissioners unanimously denied a request by the Four Seasons Ranch Subdivision at 35 S. 250 East, Blackfoot to re-plat two lots into three. The subdivision is four miles east of Blackfoot off Rich Lane.
The recommendation from the Planning and Zoning (P&Z) commissioners was to deny this request because of concerns about the water system and whether it would be able to handle additional septic systems.
At an earlier P&Z hearing, residents in the subdivision presented evidence of high nitrate levels of private wells.
County commissioners were concerned about these nitrate levels.
"This is the first time the nitrate levels have been used for a decision," said P&Z Director Allen Jensen.
"[Nitrate levels] are a serious problem," said county commission Chair Cleone Jolley. "It is a health issue to people."
"I don't know why we would jeopardize one more family [in this subdivision]," said county commissioner Ladd Carter.
"Our aquifer is our greatest resource," Carter said. "We need to do what we can to protect it."
In denying this request, county commissioners cited Bingham County Subdivision Policy that states, "It shall be the policy to guide subdivision development to provide the following: Provide for adequate public or private sanitation facilities, water supply and drainage." (Bingham County Ordinance 16.1.4)
Ramon Guerra had requested to re-plat Lots 8 and 9 to create three lots in a residential/ agriculture zone. The request was first heard by the Planning and Zoning commissioners in June 2011.
This request was heard by the P&Z commissioners twice and by the county commissioners twice.
After the commissioners issue their findings and facts, Guerra (the applicant) has 28 days to appeal.