Cookies go quickly at Festival

BLACKFOOT – They weren’t exactly a swarm of locusts, but those who attended the Emanuel Lutheran Cookie Festival on Saturday quickly got what they wanted.
“I knew to get here at 11 because they’re gone in a hurry,” said Jeanne Hoover. “I come to get good cookies and to help support the charities.”
The sale of the cookies was scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. but the selection was best for those who came at opening time.
Many people have been coming for many years. The Festival was in its 18th year.
Juell Stewart, however, was a first-time attendee.
“If I don’t get any homemade candy done, I’m going to send some (of the cookies) to my grandchildren instead of so many toys.”
Janae Smith said, “this is my favorite tradition” as she prepared to buy her cookies.
Susan Christiansen had one word. “Yum.”
“We’ve been coming about five years,” said Karen Seaman. “We’re here because we’re supporting the cause and because we like to indulge.”
The Cookie Festival is a once-a-year event which members of the church use to raise money for their charitable activities. It won’t return until December of 2011.