Community steps up with donations for injured puppy

The community has generously stepped up to help cover the medical costs of Muffin, the 12-week-old Cocker spaniel who was flung out of a moving vehicle two weeks ago.
Marcia Williams, vice-president of the Bingham County Humane Society, said she was contacted by a woman who witnessed the puppy being thrown out the window in the midst of what appeared to be a domestic dispute going on between a couple in the vehicle ahead of her on the highway between Blackfoot and Fort Hall.
Williams said the woman stopped and picked up Muffin and took her to the vet where the dog had surgery for two broken elbows.
Muffin has been recovering at the home of Marguerite Hartman, a volunteer for the Bingham County Humane Society, where she will stay until she is well enough for adoption.
"The response from the public has been wonderful." Williams said. "We have exceeded our goal [of $1,200] to pay for Muffin's expenses. We have also received cards and notes from those who donated."
Williams shared a note, written to help cheer up Muffin, from 10-year-old Emma Moon. The note reads:
Dear Muffin,
I am so sorry that happened to you. I feel so sorry for your legs. We have a Cocker spaniel just like you. Don't worry. You will get better and play in no time. You will get a good home. I hope someone loves you as much as I love my Daisy. Don't worry. Yhere will be a girl to love you too.
Love, Emma.
"We want to thank everyone for their generosity toward Muffin," Williams concluded.
For more information contact the Bingham County Human Society at 208-244-1513.