Collard Christmas cactus blooms

The Christmas cactus at Max and Linda Collard's home has blossomed. The plant is 91-years-old. Max's grandmother started the plant from a slip in 1926.
Staff Writer

The Christmas cactus housed in Max and Linda Collard's home has blossomed.
The cactus was started from a slip in 1926 by his grandmother, Mrs. George (Edith) Belnap.
In the Jan. 8, 1950, edition of the Deseret News, Mrs. Belnap hosted an open-house for the plant because the cactus was loaded with blooms, about 500 of them.
The newspaper reported she had transplanted the plant one time, in 1939. Since then, it had been in the same soil and flower pot.
"Mrs. Belnap waters it sparingly, about two scant tea-cups full of water every third day," the newspaper reported. "Every third month she fortifies the soil with a treatment of plant food."
Max's mother, Viola Collard, inherited the plant.
"When she retired and moved to Arizona, she took the plant out into her front yard and, using a hatchet, she cut it into four pieces—one piece for each of her children," Max said.
He now has two portions of the cactus. His daughter and brother have the rest of it.
To read the complete story, see it in the Wednesday, Dec. 6, edition of the Morning News.