City officials encourage use of recycling service

Most people will agree that recycling is "the right thing to do" which is why the City of Blackfoot is encouraging residents to take part in an inexpensive monthly recycling effort offered by Bingham Curbside Recyclers.
Husband and wife team Levi and Kendra Stacey of Wapello started the recycling business three years ago after Levi lost his job in Idaho Falls. They are now filling a niche in the community by offering curbside recycling pickup, twice a month, for just $5.50 a month.
Blackfoot Mayor Mike Virtue said that since the city is not in a position to endorse a recycler or to do its own recycling, he encourages everyone to take advantage of the service offered by Bingham Curbside Recycling.
"The city is supportive of this recycling effort," Virtue said. "It is a benefit to the city because anything that is recycled will not go into the city's waste refuse, which saves us money. Economically, recycling makes sense for the city."
Levi agreed, adding, "I believe people want to do the responsible thing, which is to recycle. Reduce, reuse and's all about making something out of something else."
The Staceys have "practiced what they preach" by taking old, 55-gallon plastic water barrels, cutting the tops off them, and giving them a new purpose as the catchy blue barrels that the business uses for curbside pickup. Levi said that they accept just about everything for recycling at this time except for glass and styrofoam.
"We are working on an outlet for glass and styrofoam," he said. "We are always seeking ways to recycle better."
Bingham Curbside Recycling currently operates with just three people; however, Levi said he is looking forward to growth in the business so that he can hire more workers.
"We truly appreciate all of the customers that we have but know that there is an immense amount of work to be done," Kendra added.
Virtue and the Staceys concur that it doesn't take families long to get into the habit of recycling and that it's "the right thing to do."
For more information or to sign up for Bingham Curbside Recycling pickup, call 208-681-8597.