City Council passes use agreement for parks, fields

BLACKFOOT — The Blackfoot City Council unanimously passed a use agreement to be implemented between the city and sports leagues or other groups using city parks and fields. Approval came during the regular meeting Tuesday night.
Mayor Mike Virtue said the use agreement was drafted to ensure each party's responsibilities regarding the use and maintenance of the parks and fields.
"It's important we keep them in good condition and we use them appropriately," Virtue said.
The use agreement states that the city will maintain and care for the grass, irrigation, plumbing and lighting at the facilities and will provide field marking and field marking equipment.
It will be the user's responsibility to have all facilities—including restrooms—cleaned and restored to their previous condition. The user will also be responsible for emptying all garbage cans into large dumpsters and securing the facilities.
The use agreement also addresses compliance with local, state and federal laws—including regulations regarding the use, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in city parks. The use agreement stipulates that all belongings brought onto the parks are subject to search by city officials for alcoholic beverages.
Violation of the use agreement may result in suspension or termination of privileges to use city parks. All groups seeking to use city parks or fields will be required to sign the agreement.
Also at the council meeting, the board voted to suspend the second monthly meeting indefinitely due to a lack of pertinent agenda items. Council members agreed that agendas have been light and lacking anything needing immediate action due to a reduction in development and construction projects. A second council meeting will be held if an agenda item warrants quicker action. The next council meeting will be May 3.