City Council Moves Forward with Swimming Pool Design.

Alexa Molligo
Staff Writer

BLACKFOOT—In the midst of a passionate debate regarding the possible removal and efforts to save the two Blackfoot water towers, there was another important community topic on debate at the City Council special meeting Tuesday evening; that was the conceptual design of the Blackfoot public swimming pool.
Before the water tower debate started, Keller and Associates took the podium to present their blue prints and what they hoped was the council's vision for the new swimming pool.
The proposed five-million dollar swimming pool will offer both an indoor and outdoor area, separated by three rolling doors that can be closed off during the evening or winter.
The new lap pool will feature four swimming lanes, a downgrade from the eight the pool currently houses but will graduate from three and a half feet down to a 12 ft. depth, offering one more feet in depth than the current pool does. The proposed new pool will be 75 ft. long and offer a 1 meter diving board.
New additions to the pool house will include both an indoor and outdoor splash pad, giving more opportunities to parents of young children as well as a 10 person hot tub with a hoist for disabled accessibility.
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