Charter high school seeks interested students

Bingham Academy, the new charter high school in Blackfoot, needs a list of interested students who would consider attending that school in the fall 2013.
The Idaho Charter School Commission recently approved the new charter school in Blackfoot with some caveats.
One of the requirements is an increase in the number of interested students, said Fred Ball, project director for Bingham Academy and administrator of the Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center. Other issues deal mainly with the actual petition that enables the school to be chartered.
"The commission wants the school to start on a sound financial basis," said Greg Sigerson, chair of the Bingham Academy Founding Board.
Bingham Academy will have classes for ninth and 10th grade students in its first year.
Starting from the foundations, students will earn college credit. An education facilitator will be hired who understands post-secondary education.
"The students will not just be turned loose," said Sigerson. The facilitator will know the curriculum and its expectations as well as time line requirements.
"There will be help available so students will not be stalled because they are stuck," said board member Angelina Thelin.
The school is not only for college bound students but also for students interested in professional technical training.
"Students will be able to know what's expected of them and have the ability to perform well and deliver the goods," said Sigerson. "Confidence increases performance that is then carried into the workforce."
Online curricula has already been established with West Point, Purdue, University of Wisconsin, University of Michigan, the Naval Academy and MIT.
To sign up, go to the website at or call (208) 557-4003. Signup forms are also available at the elementary school, BCCLC and the middle school, Idaho Science and Technology Charter School.
The deadline to express an interest is 4 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 14.
"We need the parent's name, the student's name and grade level, a phone number and that the student is interested," said Sigerson. "This is a non-binding agreement."
A special meeting of the Idaho Public Charter School Commission has been called for Dec. 31 to approve Bingham Academy if all the requirements are met.