Car hits school bus at railroad crossing

Difficulty stopping on a slick road caused the driver of a small Volkswagen to slide into the rear of Blackfoot School District Bus #96-1, while it was stopped at a railroad crossing traveling west on Walker Street Monday afternoon. The accident caused severe damage to the front of the vehicle which became lodged under thick bumper and tow hook on the bus.
According to district transportation director Melissa Carassco, there were three special needs students from Blackfoot High School on the bus at the time. No one on the bus was injured.
Carassco said that the 21 year old female driver of the vehicle (whose name was not released) appeared to be uninjured; however, she reportedly hit her head on the steering wheel and was taken to the hospital by her mother to get checked out.
Carassco reminds drivers to slow down and be especially careful when following a school bus adding, that "they [school buses] are always required to come to a complete stop at all railroad crossings."
Captain Kurt Asmus of the Blackfoot Police Department echoed the warning on behalf of the local and state police departments, adding, "Please slow down; leave plenty of stopping distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. When the roads are slick, take the extra time needed to get where you're going."