Capson heading to Treasure Valley

BLACKFOOT — The Blackfoot softball tradition of playing at the next level continues as the Lady Broncos lone senior, Jessica Capson has decided to take her considerable skills to Treasure Valley located in Ontario, Oregon for what promises to be a stellar career on the diamond.
Morning News sports editor, Mark High sat down with Jess for a little question and answer about her big decision and exciting future endeavor.

Mark High - Why Treasure Valley?

Jessica Capson - I just really liked the school and the program that they have and I liked their campus too.

MH - On your visit to Treasure Valley what impressed you most with the school?

JC - I just really liked their coach. Their facilities were really nice too.

MH - What other schools were recruiting you and did you have any other offers?

JC - I went to Blue Mountain and I think that they would have given me a little more money but I was already pretty much set on Treasure by that point. I was supposed to go to Yakima but I didn't even go to that one.

MH - What roll did Treasure Valley tell you that they expect you to fill for their program?

JC - When I first got their the coach spent about two hours emphasizing that they just didn't have any money to give to position players and that they only gave money to pitchers and catchers. Throughout high school I've kind of known that I'm just not the right size to be a college pitcher so I decided that I would just go to college and play infield somewhere. When I got there I played shortstop of them and they liked that and then they had me pitch some for them and they liked that to so it kind of worked out in my favor.

MH - What do you expect to bring to Treasure Valley's program?

JC - Just a good attitude and coach-ability.

MH - How long have you been playing softball?

JC - I started playing traveling ball with Matti [Chavez] when I was nine I guess but I've probably been playing since I was seven or eight.

MH - Who do you credit most with your current success?

JC - There's actually a couple of people. My parents, for driving me around every weekend to wherever I needed to be. That's a big one and Matt Chavez. He has helped me ever since I was a little girl. I've played for him for I don't know how many years and then all of the fans that come out and support us.

MH - Blackfoot softball are always one of the best teams in the area. What makes Blackfoot's program so successful?

JC - In my opinion its just that we go out and work hard. We might not always be the biggest or the most talented but we always go out and play smart.

MH - If you could pick out one favorite memory of playing for Blackfoot, what would that be?

JC - My freshman year. I was convinced to go find a bucket of curve balls and I wanted to do good for the varsity coach so I went to the baseball coaches, a couple of teachers, the tennis coaches and I ended up coming back with a couple of the janitors numbers. I actually never realized that there wasn't a bucket of curve balls until after practice when they told me.

MH - Several young Softball players will be reading this. They have watched you play over the last four years here locally. What words of advice would you give to an aspiring softball player on what it takes to succeed on the diamond?

JC - Winners train and losers complain. I live by that. Work hard for whatever you want.

MH - Your the lone senior this year. Is that tough. What is the dynamic there?

JC - We kind of make a joke about it now that Matt has signed 100% of his senior class to college scholarships. It's fun. I really love this years team. We are all so close and it's just fun to hang out and be with them. I hope that I can be their leader sometimes.

MH - What would be your ideal Saturday?

JC - I don't know. Hanging out. I've actually always wanted to go rock climbing on an actual cliff. It has always sounded fun. I would do that on a Saturday.