Broncos send bakers dozen to state, capture 4 district titles

IONA — The Blackfoot Broncos took to the Bonneville mats on Wednesday looking to run their district championship streak to fifteen. Unfortunately the men in black came up short of that team goal as Bonneville captured the team title with 519.5 points while Blackfoot came home with the second place hardware with 409.5 points. Pocatello rounded out the top three with 293 points.
“It was a big day for our kids,” Blackfoot head coach Thain Cashmore said. “They had to go out, put their toes on the line and prove themselves one more time.”

Individually the Broncos had a pretty decent day on Wednesday as they qualified 13 wrestlers to the state tournament while crowning 4 individual district champions.
Blackfoot sent 8 wrestlers into the championship matches and it was Tate Hansen who captured the first title of the night for the Broncos as he dumped Chase Lemons of Bonneville with an 11-6 decision.
“It was a valiant effort and a great accomplishment getting 8 wrestlers into the finals and we came away with four titles so that was pretty good,” coach Cashmore said.
Blackfoot’s second individual title came one match later when freshman Tucker Leavitt out dueled his Pocatello opponent, capturing the district championship at 145 pounds with a hard fought, 4-3 decision.
After the thrilling 145 championship the crowd was treated to an equally as exciting match at 152 as Ruben Pulido battled Bonneville’s Jacom Stacey for the district crown. Three periods were not enough to decide that slugfest and in overtime, Pulido secured the victory with a 6-4 decision.
Bryant Sargent rounded out the championship medals for the Broncos with a dominating performance at 170 pounds with a 13-4 major decision over Erick Silva of Preston.
Runner up finishes for the Broncos included Hyatt Henderson at 98, Connor Henderson at 160, Shawn Walters at 182 and Jonathan Littlejohn at 285.
“I have to take my hat off to Littlejohn, he was tied at 1-1 late in his championship match and there was a blood time out. He told me coach, I’m going to go for it right now,” Coach Cashmore said. “I thought that it was pretty honorable in the way that he battled today.”
Blackfoot had a trio of wrestlers capture third place finishes on Wednesday as Lane Hunt 106, Kohl Bingham (113) and Darrel Harris (138) each punched their tickets into the state tournament with solid third place finishes.
Advancing to the state tournament with fourth place finishes were Devon Schoonover (120) and Matt Bigler (126).
Just missing the state tournament with fifth place finishes were Kelby Heiner (106), Jared Evans (113), Brian Goodwin (138), Jose Ramos (152), Jared Sargent (160), Keaten Wardle (182) and Michael Monroe (220).
“I have to take my hat off to the seniors, they acquitted themselves very well and I have to take my hat off to Tucker Leavitt. He’s worked very hard for what he has gotten this year.” Coach Cashmore said. “I want to commend all of the kids. They have shown so much heart and I am just so proud of what they have accomplished this year.”
Blackfoot’s contingent of state qualifiers will take to the Holt Arena mats on Friday, February 22 with all of them looking to advance to the Saturday finals.

1. Bonneville 519.5 2. Blackfoot 409.5 3. Pocatello 293.0 4. Rigby 221.5 5. Preston 156.0 6. Century 47.0

Individual Results by weight
98 Results
1st Place - Kade Smith of Pocatello. 2nd Place - Hyatt Henderson of Blackfoot. 3rd Place - Bryson McGuire of Bonneville. 4th Place - Dexter Parker of Century. 5th Place - Scott Jolley of Bonneville. 6th Place - Ty Root of Pocatello

106 Results
1st Place - Luke Kirby of Pocatello. 2nd Place - Kieton Keller of Preston. 3rd Place - Lane Hunt of Blackfoot. 4th Place - Zarron McGuire of Bonneville. 5th Place - Kelby Heiner of Blackfoot. 6th Place - Bridon Tucker of Rigby

113 Results
1st Place - Cameron Dietrich of Preston. 2nd Place - Justin Holman of Bonneville. 3rd Place - Kohl Bingham of Blackfoot. 4th Place - Kolby Smith of Pocatello. 5th Place - Jared Evans of Blackfoot. 6th Place - Brody Shaffer of Rigby

120 Results
1st Place - Devin Porter of Preston. 2nd Place - Andre Aguinaga of Pocatello. 3rd Place - Taggert Andersen of Rigby. 4th Place - Devon Schoonover of Blackfoot. 5th Place - Johny Rojo of Bonneville. 6th Place - Mavrick Jones of Rigby

126 Results
1st Place - Romen Barela of Pocatello. 2nd Place - Donivan Banks of Bonneville. 3rd Place - Devin Anderson of Rigby. 4th Place - Matt Bigler of Blackfoot. 5th Place - Justin Longhurst of Preston. 6th Place - Jess Nielsen of Pocatello

132 Results
1st Place - Tate Hansen of Blackfoot. 2nd Place - Chase Lemons of Bonneville. 3rd Place - Josh Patteson of Bonneville. 4th Place - Samuel Joerger of Pocatello. 5th Place - Tristen Cottrell of Century. 6th Place - Chase James of Blackfoot

138 Results
1st Place - Cutler Gneiting of Rigby. 2nd Place - Blake Anderson of Rigby. 3rd Place - Darrel Harris of Blackfoot. 4th Place - Tate Marley of Bonneville. 5th Place - Brian Goodwin of Blackfoot. 6th Place - Cole Nash of Preston

145 Results
1st Place - Tucker Leavitt of Blackfoot. 2nd Place - Braxton Jensen of Pocatello. 3rd Place - Dillon Bird of Bonneville. 4th Place - Tanner Gustaves of Bonneville. 5th Place - Hayden Murdoch of Rigby. 6th Place - Joshua Greene of Preston

152 Results
1st Place - Ruben Pulido of Blackfoot. 2nd Place - Jacom Stacey of Bonneville. 3rd Place - Cordell Robbins of Pocatello. 4th Place - Riley Hill of Bonneville. 5th Place - Jose Ramos of Blackfoot. 6th Place - Cris Jorgensen of Rigby

160 Results
1st Place - Jared Bird of Bonneville. 2nd Place - Connor Henderson of Blackfoot. 3rd Place - Porter Klepich of Bonneville. 4th Place - Colton Kunz of Rigby. 5th Place - Jared Sargent of Blackfoot. 6th Place - Gage Sluder of Pocatello

170 Results
1st Place - Bryant Sargent of Blackfoot. 2nd Place - Erick Silva of Preston. 3rd Place - Daniel Quiroz of Bonneville. 4th Place - Braxton Egbert of Bonneville. 5th Place - Carsten Chidester of Rigby. 6th Place - Sky Kniffin of Blackfoot

182 Results
1st Place - Jackson Cook of Bonneville. 2nd Place - Shawn Walters of Blackfoot. 3rd Place - Brandon Contreres of Bonneville. 4th Place - AJ Elrod of Pocatello. 5th Place - Keaton Wardle of Blackfoot. 6th Place - Mateo Gonzalez of Century

195 Results
1st Place - Jordan Vielma of Bonneville. 2nd Place - Bryce Porter of Rigby. 3rd Place - JJ Weaver of Pocatello. 4th Place - Tyler Pickering of Bonneville.

220 Results
1st Place - Spencer Moreau of Bonneville. 2nd Place - Alex Iszler of Pocatello. 3rd Place - Ryan Jack of Bonneville. 4th Place - Matt Hernandez of Rigby. 5th Place - Michael Monroe of Blackfoot. 6th Place - Ben Semons of Century

285 Results
1st Place - Carrick Smith of Bonneville. 2nd Place - Jonathan LittleJohn of Blackfoot. 3rd Place - Tayson Reid of Preston. 4th Place - Stephen Boone of Bonneville. 5th Place - Devan Leathers of Rigby. 6th Place - Brandon Swisher of Pocatello