Brad Little on the campaign trail

Brad Little, a Republican candidate for Governor, visited the Morning News office on Monday.
Staff Writer

Republican gubernatorial candidate Brad LIttle visited the Morning News on Monday. A variety of issues were discussed—water, nuclear energy, how to develop economy, education, health care.
"I am a third generation rancher and have been involved in politics, speaking in behalf of ranchers and farmers," Little said. "When it comes to water, farmers need to be in agreement how water issues are handled; not lawyers, judges and politicians. Because we were blessed with moisture last, we (farmers) proved we can do recharge in recharging the aquifer." How are you lowering the Lieutenant Governor's budget?
"The Lieutenant Governor is a part-time job," he said. "I turn back to the state what money was not used during the year. I have one and one-half employees. The one employee I have in the Lieutenant Governor's office did get a raise and is making more money than he did when he was first hired."
How to you plan to develop new business in Idaho?
To read the complete article, see the Tuesday, April 10, edition of the Morning News.