Boys lucky to be alive

ROSE — Two of Blackfoot's youth are lucky to be alive after an intense one vehicle rollover. Tyler Condon, 19 and Alex Condon, 16 were driving too fast for a corner near Rose Canal and 450 North Sunday evening. "I was driving to fast, took the corner and the car caught and rolled on the bank and flew into the canal." said Tyler. Once the car hit the water, Tyler yelled "seatbelts!" and the boys frantically grasped their seatbelts to get out of the car that was quickly filling with water. Tyler punctured the air bag and kicked out the driver's side window to escape. Alex was close behind but Tyler didn't know if his brother had even made it out until he saw him standing beside him. The boy's parents said, "The Blackfoot Police didn't believe anyone had lived through it. They said no one should have survived the impact."
It took 5 hours for Bingham County Search and Rescue to fish the vehicle out of the canal. The strong currents made it difficult for the dive team to make placement on the vehicle and relied strictly on guidance of the ropes. Steve said, "The marks on the bank were 30 yards upstream from where the car rested. The car was completely submerged."
The boys were treated for minor injuries at the hospital and quickly released. Tyler said that he scraped his arm from the broken window, cut his hand puncturing the air bag and has a sore back. Alex says he hit his head just behind his ear and has a stiff neck and bruised knees. Both boys are lucky to be alive and well.