Body Sculpting Business Opens in Blackfoot

BLACKFOOT—Local businesswoman Jackie Foote has admittedly battled her weight through the years, so when she discovered a way to get rid of fat for good through body sculpting, it inspired her to open her own business: "Sleek Physique and Body Sculpting."
Foote said she was skeptical when she first heard about "Ultrasound Fat Cavitation and Radio Frequency Treatments," through her daughter Stephanie Pitman, who has also opened up a body sculpting business in Helena, Mont.
However, after doing some research of her own, Foote believes that the treatments (that require no medical intervention or surgery and are FDA approved) "really work!" After training in Florida on how to do the procedures and purchasing the equipment, the treatments are now one of the core services offered at the business.
Foote said the science behind the treatments isn't difficult to understand. She describes the "Ultrasonic technology" as "high vibration that breaks down the walls of fat cells causing the fat cells to implode into liquid and then flushing out through the lymphatic system."
"After your treatment, your body will spend the next few days clearing out the fat, mainly through the liver," she explained. "You will want to drink a lot of water before and after the treatment."
The radio frequency treatment is similar to the ultrasound treatment except that it weakens the fat cell walls through the lymphatic system and liver using low, safe frequency waves.
"The weaker the cell wall becomes the more fat is released," she said. "This treatment is fantastic. It works on cellulite, scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. It can be used on the stomach, thighs, buttocks arms and even the face. I haven't seen anyone who has not experienced success from these treatments."
Foote said she herself has lost nearly nine inches off her waistline from the treatments, weight that she has been able to keep off. She has also seen a notable difference in her face, choosing to do the treatments on just one side of her face for awhile so that she can compare sides.
The ultrasonic and radio treatments are followed by 10 minutes of cardio on a vibrating machine that help stimulate the lymph system, flushing the fat cells out of the system. Foote said that good hydration and a brisk exercise routine help greatly with this process.
Foote said her goal is to provide a confidential, peaceful and relaxing experience for her clients. Most of Foote's clients consist of women; however, she said the treatments are attracting some men as well.
Foote stresses that while she is not a weight loss doctor, she is someone who people can feel comfortable talking to about their weight issues, adding, "I am still a work in progress myself."
Foote, who has worked as a substitute teacher for the Snake River School District, said another motivation behind her desire to start a business was to provide a family-friendly work environment for her daughters Melissa Sanders and Kristin Foote who will sell crafts and Dr. Klassen's Country Health Products (such as vitamins and essential oils) from the business as well.
"It's hard to find jobs that are flexible and work well with kids. I am a grandmother of 19 and this is a 'kid-friendly' business," she said.
"Sleek Physique and Body Sculpting " is currently open for business at 483 Emerald St. with an official grand opening planned for May 30. For more information visit To schedule an appointment call: 208-681-4178 or 208-643-0081.