Blackfoot tennis players place

POCATELLO — Five Blackfoot tennis players competed at Scott's Tennis Tournament last week. Four brought home hardware.

Nathan Joyner and his brother, Matt, placed second in boy's doubles.
Jared Evans placed fourth in boys' singles.
Jacob Harris placed first place in boys' singles and first place in boys' doubles. (His partner lives in Pocatello.)
"It's a good tournament because players a grouped according to ability level rather than age level, said Brint Jefferis, coach of junior summer tennis. Players competing in this tourney ranged in age from 8 to 18.
"We have played in this tournament every year. It's a good tournament to see how we compare with other in the area," Jefferis said. "Blackfoot is becoming better and better every year."
The tournament took place at Pocatello Juniper HIlls Country Club in Pocatello last Thursday and Friday, July 11 and 12.
If interested in following the tournament schedule, contact Coach Jefferis at (208) 681-8231.